Rolled Up Rugs


We offer a wide range of carpets and underlays, from the more economic, to the really luxurious. We have many different styles of carpets, plain, multi coloured & fleck carpets or carpets with a pattern. You can choose from long to short piled and man made to wool. Moreover our prices stay low all year round. We believe in clear and honest trading, All our pricing is clear and visible. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras or misleading sales.

To us it makes much more sense to choose carpet at home, and see it where it will be laid. Not only does it mean you, our valued customer, doesn't have to waste tons of time looking for the right carpet, but it also eliminates the very-expensive-if-you-get-it wrong guess work element too.

Our home selection is great because:

You don't have to leave home .. we come to you!

  • You get to see what the samples will really look like in location

  • No guesswork, avoiding expensive mistakes

  • Sensible prices due to our very low overheads


Cushion Floor Vinyl 

Comfortable, practical, hardwearing surfaces designed to be suitable across a host of applications.

Cushion vinyl flooring has a heavily cushioned backing to create a soft, comfortable sensation to the foot from leading manufacturers 

Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or hallway, our cushion floor vinyl is perfect for creating a warm, lavish effect thanks to the enticing range of options we have to offer

Wooden Interior Door
Vinyl flooring designs ranging from fashionable classics to 
stylish contemporary designs.

Stylish Carpets

          Silver Greys


Luxury Carpet